Online Training 

Virtual training sessions

You’ll be surprised how effective video chat training can be. In fact it's more effective than having a trainer physically in your home in most cases.

Most training goals and behaviors can easily be addressed though Online training sessions.
We use video chat platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype. 

What Online Training Can Offer You:

​$100 per (1) One hour session

  • One on one coaching in real time 
  • Your dog will learn to listen directly to you

  • We can help you fine tune or retrain tasks for owner-trained service dogs

  • Help with Aggressive & Reactive behaviors

  • Reducing behavior problems like jumping, digging or barking

  • Earning Trick dog titles for your dog

  • Or if you would just like to chat, ask questions or get guidance on an issue.

All methods are positive rewards-based, kind and compassionate

All in person sessions are held outdoors following social distancing​ guidelines.

All methods are positive rewards-based, kind and compassionate


Servicing Sewell, New Jersey and surrounding areas

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