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The Big Move

I started my dog training business in my home town in Northern NJ February of 2012.

My husband and I recently purchased a home and relocated our lives to Sewell NJ. We just fell in love the area (everyone is very polite) and its abundance of nearby nature.

Our first week here we took several breaks from new home renovation--and the entire chaos that goes with buying a home--to explore nearby trails with our dogs. We picked the trail in the photo of this blog specifically because it was quiet. I was very stressed and Pippin (our sensitive dog) was still adjusting to the move. I was not in a space and neither was she to deal with a crowded places full of off-leash dogs (a blog for another day).

We drove to a few locations before finding a quiet one. The dogs sniffed about and lead us down the path while my husband and I enjoyed the view. Two miles and an hour later we all came back home refreshed and decompressed! It was a much need break for all four of us. Moving is stressful even if planned and well executed.

I am also exploring all the local walking and nature trails from a service provider's perspective.

Zen walks are designed to provide natural enrichment for dogs while avoiding their stress or reactivity triggers. Zen walks remove stress which will by default should remove some of the owner's stress too. Zen walks can be beneficial to sensitive, shy, or reactive dogs who do not do well in crowded places or around other dogs. These are dogs that may have "failed" doggy daycare or that an average dog walker may lack the skill set to help.

Adventure walks are for dogs that need more stimulation and adventure. On these walks I add a bit of fun with tricks and casual agility to the walk. Adventure walks benefit rambunctious and adolescent dogs who suffer from boredom or pent up energy (or both). Boredom doesn't help any one. The enrichment provided with these walks is a natural preventative for boredom driven behaviors such as furniture destruction or unwanted chewing and barking.

I have nearly a decade of experience and continued education which I put to use every day helping my dogs and through training and walking my client's dogs. I love teaching dogs to do fun things as much as I love helping them with their behavioral road blocks. I also work with a lot of other positive dog trainers and frequently offer services like these (Adventure/Zen walks) to enhance their training programs.

Providing dogs and their owners a feeling of serenity is one of my favorite perks of being a certified positive rewards-based trainer.

All dogs benefit from Specialty walks.

If you are in the Sewell NJ area and are interested in learning how to provide your dog with a Specialty Walk, Training or regular Walking Service please email me @

I am still in the process of remodeling our new home and redesigning this website, please bear with me during this transition.

Questions? Comments? Please express yourself below.

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