Muzzle Love

Every dog should love their muzzle.

Muzzles are not just for aggression. In fact, every dog should taught to wear one and be more than comfortable wearing one. 

A muzzle is a piece of safety equipment. Like a seatbelt in a car. A muzzle protects the dog as much as the people around him. The first time you put a muzzle on your dog should not be the first time you need to put one on. A dog that has been properly conditioned and trained to wear a muzzle will also likely be more relaxed as a result of that training while wearing it. This makes it easier to care for your dog in an emergency. 

We offer our clients more than your average dog training class.

2  Weekly One Hour Workshops

Loving being muzzled.

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.” 
~Marilyn Monroe


Group classes are always small and focus on addressing how to handle everyday problem behaviors, in addition to the topic of the class. 


Dogs of all skill levels welcome in all classes! 


Servicing Sewell, NJ and surrounding areas

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