Focus Your Fido

No more "SQUIRREL!"

Does it seem like your dog doesn't see or hear you when you need them to? Have you ever wanted to take a group class with your dog but were afraid he would embarrass you? This four week course is designed to teach you and your dog to maintain better control in common every day situations.

Our studio provides a controlled environment that gives you the tools you need to decrease stress for both you and your dog. Learn positive, problem solving approaches that help you face any challenge you have with your dog.

We offer our clients more than your average dog training class.

4 Weekly One Hour Classes

Be one step ahead.

  • Learn to focus your dog under distractions.

  • Get a better understanding of your dogs behavior

  • Focus on Handler

  • Wait Cue

  • Leave It Cue


​*This class is not intended for aggressive dogs


Group classes are always small and focus on addressing how to handle everyday problem behaviors, in addition to the topic of the class. 


Dogs of all skill levels welcome in all classes! 


Servicing Sewell, NJ and surrounding areas

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