“Training is not a luxury, but a key component to good animal care. Everyone who has a pet should understand that basic fact. Training is a way to enhance the quality of life for our pets. It is far more than just teaching a dog to do a cute trick. Training is about teaching a dog (or any animal) how to live in our world safely.”

~ Ken Ramirez

Don’t have time to commit to a group class or private lessons? Let us do the work for you. Drop off your pup for our day school program where we teach your dog basic skills. 

At day school, dogs are mentally challenged in a more personal and controlled environment. The curriculum provides a structured outlet for rambunctious dogs of all ages and enrichment for your dog's mind. As a daily or weekly option it's a great alternative to day care or board and train. School is an open enrollment format. You can sign your dog up at anytime. Classes fill up quickly and are first come, first serve.

The benefits of day school:

  • Dogs are mentally and physically stimulated.

  • All dogs practice good manners.

  • Your dog gets personalized training for a few hours a week.

  • Your dog learns to pay attention around other dogs and distractions.

  • You do not have to take time out of your day to attend dog training classes.

  • You get simple handouts with clear instructions to take home for practice.

  • Training is done for you, by a professional.

Day School Pre-enrollment Package $185

Day School Package includes; 1 discounted private in-studio consultation and 1 school day session.

$85 per session after package completion.

We offer our clients more than your average dog training class.

Dogs of all skill levels welcome in all classes! 


Servicing Sewell, NJ and surrounding areas

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